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Smith & Wesson Performance 627 .357 Magnum revolver

Smith and Wesson model 627 snub nose 8 shot. in my opinion the best handgun to carry for back packing/hiking in the lower 48 states. If you add Grizzly ammunition to it, its a good Montana and Alaska handgun too for Brown (Grizzly) bear and Moose defense.

Kimber 45

Kimber Ultra Carry II Pistol w/ Night Sights. I couldn't find my gun on here exactly. But this is the closest minus the night sights and add Rosewood laser grips with a steel slide.

Pick your poison! It’s always nice to have a Judge on your side, especially when the Judge shoots .45 Long Colt and .410 shotgun rounds.

The Judge shoots Long Colt and shotgun rounds. My dream gun.

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dc1026e85e1cdf457a7832f8c91f5913.jpg (1200×903)


zsappenfield: “ is that one of those under barrel revolvers (rhino or something like that) you were posting about a while ago…i forget what it was called but its right?

Belt-fed M82....Holy 50. caliber shit!

This is NOT a belt fed weapon, someone is an idiot for even showing it like this. I love the Barrett calibre

SIG 1911 Carry Nightmare. Most beautiful gun built today.

For Mery I love it, SIG 1911 Carry Nightmare. Most beautiful gun built today.

Simple ballistics.

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Bead blasted Smith & Wesson 686

Bead blasted Smith & Wesson 686 one of my favoriet

I want these rounds for my self-defense gun

New R.I.P bullet dubbed the last round you will ever need is launched

Devastating: This is the Radically Invasive Projectile, or R. bullet which is designed to splinter and cause maximum damage to the target. This would be a terrific home defense round!

Russian OTs-38 Special Silent Revolver.

This uses ammunition with a captive piston to fire projectiles. It fires from the bottom cylinder and what looks like the barrel along the top of the frame is actually an integrated laser.