Epic Journey- In the Odyssey, Odysseus goes in an epic journey full of obstacles to find his way back home. He explores the mysterious and unknown. Similar to the Odyssey, in the movie Tangled, Rapunzel goes in a journey to find the magic lights. All her life she has been kept in a tower with nobody. And know she goes out to discover the world and what was kept from her.

I can relate myself to Repunzel: My hubs thinks he's the bomb & won't let me cut my hair I'm an artist who feels isolated and just wants to get out and explore

rapunzel__s_lantern_painting_by_shannoncorinne-d47lb36.jpg 2,547×3,074 pixels

From the movie Tangled. This is my version of Rapunzel's lantern painting in her tower.

"Well, I hope you're here to apologize" ~ Tangled (2010) ~ Movie Quotes #amusementphile

Tangled: Flynn, I won't deny it, you're awesome. But when confronted with an angry horse, I really, REALLY suggest you don't say that.

One of My favorite Disney movies

Idea to paaint on sofi's wall! Tangled Lanterns Painting Disney Pixar Movie Poster by FADEGrafix