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Accusing a Pagan of worshiping Satan is like accusing an Atheist of worshiping God. By opening our hearts and minds to different paths we develop respect for different belief systems.

As above, so below

Or you *could* say "on Earth as it is in Heaven", if this phrasing bothers you. It's the same thing. -- Witch Garden: ~ "As above, so below.

Earth my Body – Water my Blood, Air my Breath and Fire my Spirit.  Mary: Modern Day  Goddess of the All .. Since the beginning of time.. The Creator... The Male merely plants the seed! The Female forms (creates) & incubates (creation) She is BOTH these 2 aspects hence greater then the male (yang) component

The Elements ~ Earth my body. Water my blood. Air my breath. Fire my spirit.

The ancient celts, druids, magicians of long ago knew and understood this well: That innate Intelligence and nature's Intelligence are woven together. This is alchemy and is an understanding of the matrix of life, of which the body is a part=made of the same elements as the earth.

Someone labeled this Wicca, but I believe it's Pagan as many of us, not just Wiccans, believe in this.Wicca wasnt a "religion" until the

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Earth Invocation#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

EARTH INVOCATION Parchment Page for Book of Shadows! pagan wicca witch

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Pagan Prayer

I love Abby’s Prayers and Blessings. Im sure I posted a picture of her latest Prayer book…will have to have to look it out or post it again…Note to self l.