John Berkey: Star Wars

John Berkey & The Mechanical Planet

alienspaceshipcentral: “shear-in-spuh-rey-shuhn: “JOHN BERKEY Star Wars Acrylic/Casein ” From one science fiction lover to another….

Star Wars (1977) Art by John Berkey

alienspaceshipcentral: shear-in-spuh-rey-shuhn: JOHN BERKEY Star Wars - Death Star Battle Acrylic/Casein From one science fiction lover to another.

Sci Fi Expanding Conflict

A tribute to the artist John Berkey, one of the greats of space and sci-fi themed art.

John Berkey scientific fiction illustration star wars

The Fantastic Fictional Drawings by John Berkey

John Berkey artwork.

The art of John Berkey from his ‘Portal’ poster series. I can’t think of any way to describe Berkey’s style other than ‘majestically messy.’ He was responsible for some brilliant book covers in the and but he is probably best known.

Enterprise (Illustrator John Berkey)

I could have gone on flying through space forever Illustrations by John Conrad Berkey Title: Yuri Gagarin

23472452_1730189997052852_7458925614721028599_n.jpg (600×960)  John berkey

23472452_1730189997052852_7458925614721028599_n.jpg (600×960) John berkey