... the art of Tsviatko Kinchev. Holy cow.

Tzviatko Kinchev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and has developed a very unique digital painting style.

Artist: Tzviatko Kinchev, 2011 {contemporary figurative beautiful female blond woman portrait painting} LOVE all the different colors used.

tchmo, Untitled 20141117e (The Explorers), Giclée Art Print

tchmo, Untitled (The Explorers), Giclée Art Print

In deze foto zie je een beschilderd gezicht. Het gezicht is er nog wel duidelijk in te zien. De kleuren zien niet erg fel maar springen er wel uit door de donkere achtergrond.

“ Untitled by Francoise Nielly oil on canvas I am enthralled with the colors, texture & technique in this painting and the next few posts will be other portraits by this artist.


Liu Hong - not sure if this is digital art, painting or pencil & watercolor. I like it - KO