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Luke with black hair omgggggggg

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pretty hot photo, of course its glamorized

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Luke Hemmings  he has very good taste in clothing ~ wearing BMTH frontman, Oli Sykes's, clothing line Drop Dead

luke hemmings

Omg I can't believe my love is 18 happy birthday Luke!

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im in love with an idiot <<< I know how you feel

luke hemmings everyone<< I'm just ganna show someone this when they ask "who is Luke hemmings and why do u love him so much?"<<<<Luke is me. I am Luke.

5 Seconds Of Summer

This is my best guy friend luke he has been my best friend ever since pre school then he went on tour with his band 5 seconds of summer !

Imagine: Luke when he sees you when he picks you up for your first date. @alalum8570

Is it me or do you just stare at his lips, because I do all the time because they are so hot when he bites his lip ring Luke Hemings

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punk luke hemmings iF ONLY

Ha ha and here we have Luke Hemmings copying himself.

Oh god luke


LUKE (gif) that face doe>>>

_____ Johnson era una chica inteligente, buenas notas, pero mal compo… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

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creme de la creme

Luke love his Starbucks. Looks like we both will goto Starbucks more often



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