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“Spring Plumage“ is a long A-Line cardigan to fit over long tunics.

Spring Plumage pattern by Heidrun Liegmann

Arrowhead shaped wrap knit in two colors of head DK/Worsted weight yarn

Aggregate pattern by Jimenez Joseph

Aggregate is an arrowhead shaped wrap/scarf. It is made using 2 colour skeins of Heavy DK/Worsted weight yarn. It is knitted from the top-down with short row wedges and arrows that form a distinctive Left side/Right side mirror effect.

Soo Feminine by Nadita Swings

Soo Feminine pattern by Nadita Swings

Ravelry: Soo Feminine pattern by Nadita Swings

BananaKnits.com: Skipping right over Fall and we are in the middle of Winter

It started out as a Wingspan shawl and soon it morphed into a Vest. As I was looking at my progress and trying to decide how it was going to look, it just yelled vest to me. I kept knitting till i.

Finished size: 61” across x 37” long (center back); when laying flat, it measures 71” long from the tip of the fronts to the tip of the tail at the back.  178 rows / 1015 stitches...

RitaMiller's Regrowth

"Regrowth" knit lace shawl in wool/silk lace weight yarn (pattern by Toby MacNutt)

Ravelry: Frühling Gefieder Muster von Heidrun Liegmann

Spring Plumage pattern by Heidrun Liegmann

Ravelry: Rigoles by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

Rigoles pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

Ravelry: My Summer Song pattern by Lisa Hannes, for gradient sets fingering

My Summer Song pattern by Lisa Hannes

My Summer Song is a fun to knit crescent shaped shawl worked in garter stripes, which open up in various spots to play with different lace and multiple coloured crescent inserts.