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You four boys make me happy when I'm having a bad day, I smile when one of your songs is the first thing I hear when I wake up, you have saved me from bad days, and bad thoughts, thank you for being our angels...I really do love you guys, I don't know what I'd do without you....but anyway thank you. I will always love you all!!! xxxx -Jayda

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Honestly angle you have helped me through so much in my life and I could live forever and never be able to thank you enough. You inspire people everyday that it gets better and that everything will be okay.

can we talk about the broadness of Luke's shoulders? is broadness a word.

Hi I am Thomas but everyone calls me stiles I am addicted to drinking and smoking yea i bad habit and it doesnt help that I'm blind but this pillow is my safety thing i cant sleep without i dont know why but its true come say hi

Anonymous said: Favorite photo/gif of dylan, thomas, dave, stiles and stewart? [[MORE]]Dylan: Thomas: Dave: Stuart: Stiles (I have too many): Bonus!

My two most favorite things combined, the selection and the princess diaries!!!!

Maxon is nothing but a low lying dirty scum bag full of - oops , sorry . I got a bit carried away 😛

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Last pinner: saw these photos earlier and thought id collage them together 5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Calum Hood Luke Hemmings Michael Clifford Me: Oh my gosh I love this song!

I don't care if you know every inside joke, your favorite is Luke Hemmings, you don't own every song. I don't, and it doesn't matter.

If you have been here since Luke started making covers, since Calum and Mikey joined, since Ash joined, Since they played their first show. A FAN FROM THE START>>so you only respect fans who were with them since the start?

Haha yeah but depends on the song and if I give two shits at the particular moment

I was listening to in my car with some people from my volleyball team and I was doing exactly this and people were staring but hey it you can't hate while you got SLSP blasting in your ears

A mash up of 5sos lyrics...whoever made this...thank you and you do realise now your basically my favorite person and made my day

A mash up of lyrics.thank you and you do realise now your basically going to hell<<< <<<fucking true. Okay i'll just cry my eyes out thank you, dear.

so true in so many ways

I love how they are all wearing punk band t shirts then ash is wearing a "pugs not drugs" shirt