Day Favourite Johnlock Doodle- Not a big Johnlock shipper, love the bromance more, but this pic is super cute. Look at Little Sherlock's face as he holds onto baby John!<<<<< JOHNLOCK IS FOREVERRRRRRR

Heheheh! :)

Mycroft is the British government.and the queen, but mostly the British government

Sadyna's Blog - Baby!Sherlock - Okay. I officially adore this.

Sherlock fan Comic, Leave My BF Alone, part Okay. I officially adore this.

Sherlocks happy childhood 3 by ~Llapasllaly on deviantART

Sherlocks happy childhood 3 by ~Llapasllaly on deviantART<--- this is so sad.

Too good!!!! lmao!

it's a wonderful thought that john could solve a rubik's cube faster than sherlock. :D <<the doctor likes Rubik's cubes too

Take that Donavan and Anderson!

Now it has a purpose, dear Sherlock. Take out Anderson and Donovan! <---- it's also an ear hat with two fronts.

Alpaca Sherlock & Corgi John. (BRB, DYING)

Sherlock and John in animal form :) Though I wish it was hedgehog and otter!<<< same it should've been hedgehog and otter