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why is he so cute T_T Suho, pick cute or hot and stick with it please!

Suho that is so adorable! Sometimes, I just wanna hug you!


EXO PATHCODE Video link, photo concept/teasers @ Omona for speculation /Sherlocking.

수호, 김준면, 준면, 쉏

fuckyeahjoonmyun: “ “ do not edit ✧ cotton j ” ”

Oh my... This guy KAJSKAMDKA #SuHo #EXO #Junmyeon

Kim Junmyeon: Yesterday I talked myself out of bias so now I’m back to square one

EXO Suho speaking and then there'a Chen and D.O. in the background xD #joonmyun #jongdae #kyungsoo

EXO Suho speaking and then there'a Chen, baekhyun and D. in the background xD

Exo suho

Suho hyung I am getting this sweatshirt very soon!

Polyvore, Suho, Soho