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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Mr Phoenix Wright here will send you to court for any OBJECTIONS!

Japan Expo to feature Phoenix Wright Art Director Tatsuro Iwamoto

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy crossexamines eShop today - It's time to polish your attorney's badge and lawyer up. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is out now on the eShop, bringing Capcom's classic courtroom drama series to a

Ace Attorney 5 Official Visual Book

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AWKWARD ZOMBIE - And Key ahh this is soo funny!! I love edgeworth :D

Edgeworth is such a closet Steel Samurai fan and it's great. Man, I have grown far too attached to these characters (particularly Edgeworth and Gum.

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Official Apollo Justice artwork featuring: The Great Scientist Ema Skye, Apollo himself, Trucy Wright the Magician and hobo Phoenix - Trucy in a yukata, she's so cute!even though they should be in America but whatev

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 6 : de nouvelles images pour faire connaissance avec les nouveaux persos

I love how throughout the series you can visibly see the characters getting older