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Skin: Jade Idol

Skin: Jade Idol

When Dreams come Alive

VERNAL [adjective] of or pertaining to spring. appearing or occurring in spring. appropriate to or suggesting spring; belonging to or characteristic of youth. Etymology: Latin vernālis, equivalent to vern(us) - of spring.

Herrscherdrache (Drache)                                                       …

Sovereign Dragon by JasonEngle on deviantART -- interesting combination of western and eastern dragon themes

Flight Rising

Moxitoxis' dragon Radium - Breed, raise, and train dragons on Flight Rising!

Flight Rising

SeaAmoeba's dragon Esmeralda - Breed, raise, and train dragons on Flight Rising!

Credits to the creator, great work

king-phar: “ kekai-k: “ Guild Wars Dragons circa the first designs I did for the potential Elder Dragons in Designs were unused which is common. ” these dragons… i love them.

Ghost Shrooms

Skin: Ghost Shrooms

This item is retired and can no longer be obtained except from other players.