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Enjajaja rick and morty

She's hot asf i wanna smash

She's hot asf i wanna smash <<< why are so many horny boys/girls wanting to bang enya wtf

::noé:: " I'm so confused.."

lol I can't wait to live till I'm old Sc

Sorry I haven't been as active lately ! Stuff just gets crazy, yknow?

spring makeup and hair



And, baby, even on our worst nights,I'm into you...

And, baby, even on our worst nights,I'm into you.

*every instagram spam account's pfp* LMAOO

Why is this pic literally everywhere

Tina woods

Low-key ship them

Red ain’t even my favorite color

°•.* pinterest: squishymonster1 °•.*

°•.* pinterest: squishymonster1 °•.*

ριитєяєѕт: @яυѕнєє∂ανιвєѕѕ♡

` patiently waiting for curious to finish making cupcakes

[ random ] "hiya! I'm Reegan and I'm 17 and single! I'm a very bubbly person and I enjoy hikes and reading. I would love to make some new friends! Introduce?" I giggle

- ̗̀ ur a cutie ̖́-

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Oh wow...

Oh wow...


Short Pastel Pink Hairstyle with Soft Grunge Outfit…