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Yep. This describes A couple of my friends.

I'm usually the bigger bitch but sometimes there is someone who takes it to a level higher than I'm even able to.

Bat shit crazy

My poor husband. "It appears we're at that place in our relationship where you've discovered I'm bat shit crazy.

Charitable donations

"Hello, Child Services, I'd like to am a Couple of Donations. You know you've thought about it.

This is so REAL. Self-created drama? Save it fo yo mama!!!! MMS

This is so REAL. Self-created drama? gives a rats ass about your crying and whining. Pity party for Screaming at my grandson like that, how about a tad bit more gin in your drank.

Blunt Cards were made for me. Hahahahaha Going to HELL! Very funny story Bahahaha True story

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To those who don't understand this board! Same to the fat stalker bitch that lives on my page and then cries because her lard ass feelings get hurt.