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The Lion King Cartoons monkey wallpaper Lion King Wallpaper Wallpapers)

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A young lion cub named Simba can't wait to be king.

5 Peliculas Inspiradas en animes

5 Peliculas Inspiradas en animes

30 day Disney challenge Favorite Movie The Lion King

“Hakuna Matata”  ¡Tu lema de vida es “Hakuna Matata“! Intentas vivir una vida divertida y sin preocupaciones. Prefieres no tomarte tan en serio las cosas que te ocurren y por el contrario verles el lado positivo.

¿Qué frase de Disney debería ser tu lema de vida?

I love lion king it is one of my favorite movies! Simba is so cute

Which Disney Film Came Out in Your Birth Year>

The Disney Movie That Was Big the Year You Were Born

Lion King: Footage from Jon Favreau's live-action adaptation shown at

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Aladdin is a magical movie made by Disney. if you love the Aladdin movie as much as i do , then you'll love.

using the lion king to teach about food chains and ecosystems... DUH!

The Lion King in that pre Pixar era here is one of my favourite Disney cartoons. Awesome, fun and great music from Sir Elton


Lion King quote - Rafiki & Simba - "The past can hurt, you can either run from it. or learn from it." Words to live by!

- A Leo knows this

- A Leo knows this


TV: Dinosaurs I’m a very proud kid – I loved the games, the culture and the television. One show in particular that I’ve had a chance to re-watch on Netflix is Dinosaurs.

Which Disney dad is most like your own father? Mine is mucosa

Who's Your Disney Dad?

Who's Your Disney Dad? My Disney Dad is Mufasa.

Which Disney Princess Should You Date?

Which Disney Princess Should You Date?

Likes | Tumblr

Likes | Tumblr

Cain Wheale ☆

father and son :)

The Adventures of Paddington Bear

The Adventures of Paddington Bear


El Rey León - Wallpapers para tu escritorio

It is an animated movie featured in 2006 by Disney Pictures. See the list of top ten animated movies of all time. Read and check this animated movies lists.