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Another beautiful and patriotic WWII-era cover by Fred Ray, for ACTION COMICS. A great use of primary colors to pop the figures forward–that yellow in the background could not be any stronger or richer. It’s largely been forgotten now, but three of.

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Comic illustrator artist Kurt Schaffenberger was born today in He did a lot of the Marvel Family comics like Captain Marvel and worked extensively on Superman's Girlfriend: Lois Lane comics. He passed in

comicbookcovers: “Superman #353, November 1980, cover by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano ” more comics here

A three-part story of "Bruce (Superman) Wayne" starts here! Before you say WTF: Superman and Batman have played the identity switch game many times in "World's Finest.

Action Comics #418  Nick Cardy, November 1972

Action Comics One of the first comics I bought with my own money at age Nick Cardy cover

Batman 299  May 1978 Issue  DC Comics  Grade F/VF by ViewObscura

"The Island of Purple Mist!": Batman encounters a costumed Baxter Baines, the wealthy Gothamite.

Batman, issue #1, Spring 1940, DC Comics.  Written by Bill Finger. Illustrated by Bob Kane & Jerry Robinson.

Written by Bill Finger. Illustrated by Bob Kane Jerry Robinson.