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Cats’ natural vocal range would be inaudible to humans, but they communicate feelings such as affection, hunger, and fear within the range of human hearing. Some researchers believe that this is learned behavior to help cats to relate to humans.

pdl2h:    そんなあなたに - 誰かに、呼ばれた気がした・・。

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Happy Birthday Maru – A Compilation | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

Happy Birthday Maru – A Compilation

If you've never watched a Maru video, watch and prepare to laugh!

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Kitty-Cat:  "What the heck is her password?!?  I've forgotten it!  Just when I wanted to do some 'Pinning' onto my: 'Cosy Cat Beds Board' too!"

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Meet snoopy, one of the cutest cats out there!

Meet snoopy, one of the cutest cats out there!

Ths is too freakin adorable. The cutest cat I've ever seen.