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David Bowie
David Bowie ellethekitty says: I would guess this is 1976 or so. Great sense of fashion although he hit the cocaine a little too hard
David Bowie 1978 by Esther Friedman
Berlin-Schöneberg, Hauptstraße 155 - David Bowie & Iggy Pop lebten hier von 1976-1978 (this is where David Bowie & Iggy Pop lives 1976-1978)
"I have no knowledge of who I am, but I am extremely happy." -David Bowie
David Bowie, ocultismo, gnosis, o gnosticismo, árvore de vida, Sephirot, Kether, Malkuth, cabala, a Cabala, Cabala, Foto por Steve Schapiro
Anonym, David Bowie, Paris , 1977
David Bowie & Iggy Pop. Copenhagen Railway Station. Persson/Redferns 1976.