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Oh Buffy!

That awkward moment when Xander knows something that you don't. Buffy was just having a blonde moment, proving she is actually naturally blonde (unlike the actress who plays her).

Edward vs. Spike by Jarjarrr on DeviantArt #Geek

Spike by Jarjarrr - this is why I like better Spike than Edward. Edward looks much like Angel.

Part of what broke my heart when no one realized Buffy & Faith swapped bodies was how, a couple episodes previous, Buffy saw a Giles transformed into a demon and recognized him within moments.

willow and oz might have already posted

Willow/Oz was my favorite Willow pairing, even though I loved Willow and Tara too. Kennedy was too whiny, I didn't like her with Willow—but Tara, she was an angel.