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Easy saving: take the daily coffee money, put it in a jar, and save for a vacation or unexpected expense!

Idea. Manilla envelopes in a safety deposit box

This is actually a good idea. Have several mason jars labeled with the places you want to travel to someday and put a couple dollars or spare change in there once in a while!

Just for that one time you got to go do something new

Travel: Save up for your future adventures by stashing your spare change in a mason jar. You'd be surprised how quickly it will add up!

adventures ✈ jar

I love the idea of an adventure jar on your wedding day.get guests to come up with adventures to have as a married couple. Then pick one out of the jar when u fancy one!

emily ☼ ☾'s collection! https://www.pinterest.com/embemholbrook/

A lot of times we work hard and accomplish many goals small or big but never reward ourselves. Make it a habit to start rewarding yourself when you accomplish great goals! It will help you to appreciate how far you have came.

fun funds. All my spare change and the few dollars of cash I have in my wallet will go straight here! Great idea for spur of the moment road trips!!!

Photo (C'est la vie)

A jar for saving money for an adventure fund. Well, it's a start for my journey to France.

To get out of here. #travel

This is a great idea.I keep money in random spots at times (old purses, etc.), but I would love to start this for all my random singles and change I have all over the place!

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