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When i started reading pandora hearts with a friend, we used to say that she was alice and i was Sharon, even thought the time has passed i'm still a little lady in the inside

trapped in digimon nostalgia hellscape. taichi yagami and mimi tachikawa are the in my heart. currently reading: harry potter currently watching: dragon ball z

Pandora Hearts

"Pandora Hearts AU: Oz is born a Child of Misfortune, and his ‘cursed eyes’ hurt those who are most precious for him…" <- I must watch Pandora Hearts now

Animé pandora hearts  Personnage Oswald jake lacie écho Vincent barma Lily lottie fang jury ada reim Elliot Leo break Sharon Gilbert Alice Will of abyss Alice Oz

Anime Pandora Hearts Oswald Jack Lacie Echo Vincent Barma Lily Lottie Fang Jury Ada Reim Elliot Leo Break Sharon Gilbert Alice Will of the Abyss Alice Oz

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