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“Don't stress about your eyesight failing as you get older, it's natures way of shielding you from your reflection!”

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Do you ever get up in the morning, look in the mirror and think, "That can't be right".


Some days, I can go out looking like a million dollars and not see one person I know. But if I go out looking like crap, suddenly it's a freakin' class reunion!

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Aunty Acid: My complete lack of dusting will finally pay off at Halloween

aunty acid

New to the scene, ‘Aunty Acid’ brings a more ‘earthy’ perspective to lifes challenges.

Don't mess with me when I'm in a bad mood. Which is a rare moment by the way. But when it happens. Run for cover.

Hilarious quote for women: PMS plus GPS - you better watch out. For more great humor visit www.

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amen. they didn't tell u a 2nd time either. It wasn't none of these I'm gonna repeat my self a millions, u listen once or u get the switch. Plain and simple.

When I was a smart ass kid we didn't get a "Time Out". We had what was called "Time's Up", and then I would get my ass beat.

Hot flushes

I wouldn't mind these hot flashes half as much if they burned off some thigh and ass fat while they were at it.