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Act 2 idea, have engagement pictures for George and Emily next to the guest book as the audience enters the wedding.


Read Grocery Shopping from the story The Challenge [Louis Tomlinson] by etherachel (rachel) with reads.

Under The Rain, The Rain, Bass Guitars, In The Rain

I wish that such energy and passion would feel for my work as I feel about you. ;-)

He didnt pick her; you dont choose who you fall in love with any more than you choose the shape of your bones! Carlyon, The Cherry House

Bedtime story + cuddler.

Seance couple lifestyle How do you feel about reading out loud? Because I, personally, LOVE being read to! Read to me while we cuddle and you scratch my back and I'll be the happiest person on the planet. A good back scratch goes a long way just fyi.

The Pack Doctor - Moment

God gave me the World one day I told Him he could keep it. I just want my Wife. He told me just for that Hed give Me both because we all know by now that I wouldnt hesitate to give up everything for that beautiful girl