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Celebrating the Father's love.

This photo probably surprised you if you don't personally know any nuns. Sisters and nuns enjoy the simple pleasures of life, are joyful, and live in the moment.

What I love about the Sisters of Life is that they truly live out their vocation as sisters of LIFE. Demonstrated perfectly in this picture, they truly live their lives to the fullest in their quest for holiness.

Learning joy through self-denial from the Sisters of Life: What would cause any woman to trade a successful career for a vowed life of poverty, chastity, and obedience? I wanted to learn more about this vibrant fellowship of women.

Sister playing baseball with the kids - not at all shocking when you know plenty of religious - consecrated

I Thought Today Was Friday...

Fortified with vitamin BXVI. Not a substitute for regular mass attendance. Side effects may include mackerel snapping.


Rome, children at Easter procession in 1929 - From Spaarnestad Archives photographs LIFE magazine.

15 Vintage Photos of Nuns Doing Normal Things | Mental Floss

15 Vintage Photos of Nuns Doing Normal Things

Nuns Gone Wild: Vintage photos of sisters letting their habits down

im not sure why, but i absolutely love this, maybe, i guess, because its asian nuns arm wrestling

Arm-wrestling nuns - This is less shocking than you think once you meet nuns and sisters. As a related point we are having our chapter meeting for the next two weeks - pray for us!

Skiing nuns

Three nuns of the Bad Habits sisterhood head down the final hill. From left to right are Colleen Sinnott, Katie Blossom and Marina Bossick.

Daughter of Charity habit, post-Vatican II (left) and pre-Vatican II (right)

Daughters of Charity Cornette – Conclusion

this is a pre Vatican picture because they are wearing a full outfit, and is before the aggiornamento.

Nuns having fun will restore your faith in joy. 1963  A walk across "monkey bridge."

Nuns having fun will restore your faith in joy