Erkunde Dublin Irland, James Joyce und noch mehr!

Martello tower, Sandymount  Dublin 1950s
Sandymount, Martello Tower in Dublin, 1966.
O'Connell Bridge in the 1950s. The Tumb of the Unknown Gurrier in the centre.
Buckingham Street, Dublin 1 taken from Summerhill end of street
Dublin trams.
Grafton St from the corner of Stephens Green 1950s
O'Connell Street 1950s
James Joyce Center  Joyce spent 6 days at the Martello Tower in Sandycove in 1904 – astay that ended in his companion Oliver St. John Gogarty firing a gun. This strange scene is immortalized in the first chapter of Joyce;s Ulysses and the tower now contains a museum dedicated to James Joyce....
Celebrating the first ever Bloomsday on Wednesday, 16th June 1954 - Anthony Cronin, John Ryan and Patrick Kavanagh at the Martello Tower, Sandycove, Dublin. NLI ref.: WIL pk 11(9)