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Michael Jackson Bad Studio

MJ 1987 In the studio with Quincy Jones recording the Album Bad

Michael Jackson and Paul Mccartney (1980) : OldSchoolCelebs

Many people think of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney as being friends as well as music collaborators, but the truth is that the Beatles star has had a beef with MJ since the — and Paul is …

❤ Michael Jackson ❤️

❤ Michael Jackson ❤️

Michael Jackson Bad Tour Rehearsals

Michael Jackson Bad Tour Rehearsals

Michael Jackson in Japan

You give me butterflies inside Michael.


years ago we lost one of our brightest lights and it has been a darker world ever since.” Taj Jackson today in social media.

♥ Michael Jackson ♥ This is a man that knew how to really love people. He NEVER judged or discriminated, he was always aware of those around him and all he wanted to do was make the world a better place. I will ALWAYS stick up for this man. If you want to know why just ask me ;) To me he is a most **Beautiful** person.

My faveorite pictures are of michael jackson smiling.


) You give me butterflies inside Michael.


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