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A shelf that will want to make kids clean up!  Kids just push their toys or books into this pin-type shelf.  Too cool!

A Shelf That Will Make Your Kid Actually Want To Clean Up

A pin-presh shelf that allows kiddos to push their toys, books, what-nots into the wall while tidying up!

Kids' Room Accessories on Clippings

interactive design for kids: designed by OOO My Design, Pin Pres is a smart storage system with sliding rods. To create space for your item, all you need to do is to push the rods inward.

Pin Press Kids shelf and toy

An inherently playful and adaptable shelving system, Pin Pres won the Josep Ros furniture design competition.

I'd love the huge hammock bed... except when I had to get up in the middle of the night to pee & couldnt get up fast enough :)

I heard u like bedz and to haz a sleepz

Quirky, crazy and all around amazing beds. - I love the book bed and the TARDIS bed, but I'm so confused by the roller coaster ones

ROOM Collection by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho - http://www.interiordesign2014.com/other-ideas/room-collection-by-erik-olovsson-kyuhyung-cho/

ROOM Collection Furniture System by Erik Olovsson Kyuhyung Cho lets you compose your own furniture, with 25 stackable blocks, each with a cut-out volume inspired by a particular object, along with a low table and a mirror.

Light bottles

Wine Republic - Melbourne - 800 bottle lighting sculpture nicknamed the 'Wine Cloud' - retail display

A shelf that fits basically anything... Fancy - PinPres by OOOMyDesign

PinPres by OOO My Design

GranorteDesign collections by Granorte at designjunction #cork

Granorte's cork fascinates London GranorteDesign collections at designjunction

colinquinn:  Maxim Scherbakov

meuble rangement design professionnelle russe Would be a great way to display/merch books/stationary/journals/pprworks

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Pin Pres is the interactive toy kids wall, it is a wall made of mobile elements (big pins) that will create an interaction with kid's activity. Pin Pres has been created by "OOO My Design" and has won the Josep Ros prize.

Canapé en carton extensible FlexibleLove - Chishen Chiu design

FlexibleLove, fauteuil extensible en carton recyclé

IPPINKA PinPres Creates a Way of Playing + #StayingOrganized #Multifunctionalfurniture #Storage

Pin Pres: Unlimited Storage Design Options