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Tin man

Tin man

Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan. Newstand next to State Coffee Shoppe, large display of magazines, ads for sundaes, Coca-Cola above, boxes of sodas below, man at left

Photos of 1930s New York City by Berenice Abbott

Newsstand, Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan. Photo by Berenice Abbott, the “Changing New York” photo project.

The History of Central Park's Hooverville, the Great Depression Pop-up Shanty…

The History of Central Park's Hooverville, the Great Depression Pop-up Shanty Town

1933 The Central Park Hooverville Inside the shantytowns of the Great Depression

During the early days of the Great Depression, 2/3rds of Americans still retained a degree of prosperity. It was the other 1/3rd who floundered, who were unemployed, lost jobs and income, became homeless, helpless, bereft of hope. Many families ended up living in shantytowns of tarpaper-and-cardboard that came to be called Hoovervilles. FDR's "New Deal"  alleviated the suffering of the many who were "ill-clothed, ill-housed, and ill-fed." Hoover helped the banks; he neglected the people in…

"Hooverville" was the name of the land in which the veterans called home, along with their families, as they awaited their promised payment

1900's New York City street cleaner.

A two-horse team street cleaner, with sprayer, squeegee, and roller at rear. (Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives) # Historic Photos From the NYC Municipal Archives - In Focus - The Atlantic

Berenice Abbott -- Roast Corn Man, Manhattan, 1938

Berenice Abbott - Roast corn man, Manhattan, 1938 - I loved getting roasted corn and roasted potatoes in London.