Very scary by Ray Villafane. Happy Halloween from all of us at Live! @Livefoodbar

The Pumpkins « Villafane Studios – Pumpkin Carving, Sand Sculpting, Action Figure Creating

Необычные виды творчества

This Mogwai pumpkin was carved by Trevor Grove of VillaFane Studios. I know Gizmo's a good Mogwai, but that doesn't make this any less terrifying. (Geeks are

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Ghoulishly grand carved pumpkins


You’ve heard of extreme sports and extreme games, but have you ever heard of extreme pumpkin carving?

23 Amazing Carved Pumpkins - The Daily Beast

23 Amazing Carved Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving - Amazing Work of Art by Ray Villafane - Ray Anthony Villafane - (March is an multi-talented artist who is best known for his American Pop Culture sculpting abilities.

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