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After keeping calm and carrying on, then take a moment to completely panic.

Now Panic and Freak Out Poster Card Poster Card

Now Panic and Freak Out Poster Card Poster Card


Keep calm and explain it

Now Panic and Freak Out

Now Panic and Freak Out

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Laughed out LOUD. Pinner says: "Freak out the kids!  After doing elf on the shelf for a while have someone they don't know dress up and surprise them!"

How to completely freak out your kids… A human Elf On A Shelf. This would be fantastic if you could find a someone the kids had never seen before. Just wake up… And find a random person in an elf costume sitting on your mantle…hilarious.

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Tired of the yelling? Tired of the whining? Tired of being tired? Read these 7 pro-active parenting tips to help make this a SMOOTH summer.

Nothing brings me quite as much joy as doing nothing.

favorite activity

What if my favorite thing to do is nothing? (for real)

Funny. I have this sketched in a notebook by a friend when we were sitting through one of the worlds most boring meetings back in the mid 90's.  i actually saved the page all of these years.

Chocolate Easter Rabbits Bunnies - My Butt hurts.

albero di natale dei pigri

Funny pictures about Christmas in College. Oh, and cool pics about Christmas in College. Also, Christmas in College.

Miss Clara’s whimperin’ grew louder. Her long and messy hair hung motionless in her face. She didn’t look like the same high-socialite from back at the lake. Miss Clara still wore her pink, Victorian-style dress, but not as neat. She looked as though she’d met Hell in several diff’rent ways - Ruthie Belle, The Journey of Ruthie Belle

Julia Sugarbaker described the South’s outlook on crazy family members perfectly in Designing Woman. “I’m saying this is the South. And we’re proud of our crazy people. We don’t hide them up in the attic. We bring ‘em right down to the living room and sh