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Muhammad Ali, ehemals Cassius Clay, US-amerikanischer Boxer. Aufnahme aus dem Jahr 1963. Ali liegt auf seinem Hotelbett in London. Mit seinen Fingern zeigt Ali dem Fotografen, über wie viele Runden der bevorstehende Kampf gegen Henry Cooper seiner Ansicht nach gehen werde, bis er den Briten k.o. geschlagen haben werde. Fotografie: Len Trievnor

American Heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali) lying on his hotel bed in London. He holds up five fingers in a prediction of how many rounds it will take him to knock out British boxer Henry Cooper.

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Every day that has already passed is one less day in your life. Do you want to be remembered as somebody that lay licking their wounds, or as the one that stayed on their feet and said: "Come-on Knock Me Out.

A much celebrated portrait showing Ali’s fist.

From Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali – a life in pictures

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Malcolm X and his daughters with Muhammed Ali Two great men - two outstanding fathers.

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John Lennon & Yoko Ono ( photo by Jack Mitchell I do not think I have ever seen a pic of John smiling. Very rare photo

Love him or hate him, Mohamed Ali was undeniably in a class of his own.

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