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Frau Holle

Frau Holle

Cinderella kept existing. She didn't let herself be shut out, hidden, or cease to exist. She survived, and she kept her integrity and her heart, which is the most important part. Disney princesses saving the world is so important, and a huge step forward for women everywhere. But sometimes saving yourself, saving your soul, is more important. It's harder, and more rewarding, and takes so much out of you. But Cinderella survived. She found love, and learned to love herself

Why You Shouldn't be so Hard on Cinderella and Her Happy Ending

So pissed that some righteous fuck censored one of her posts, even if it's just one word. Still, amazing perspective to share. Cinderella, it turns out, was a total badass.

Cinderella:  #Cinderella ~ "Once in awhile, right in the middle of ordinary…

31 lovely quotes about love

Once in awhile, right in the middle of ordinary life, love give us a fairy tale. I'm still waiting for my fairy tale.

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Just because you're independent doesn't mean you can't be in a happy relationship... I'd just rather not be left with nothing if that relationship were to end. Plain & simple.

Sarah Jessica Parker celebrates turning 50; the best A-list Instagram pictures of the week

If that girl didn't look as "savage" as she looks, I would say that this is a perfect pic of Lia and a bear

The "Bravest" Cosplay We've Ever Seen

Incredible “extreme” cosplay called Merida by the model Tina Rybakova. Photo by Dasha Kond ”I need a bear for my cosplay. A bear. 5 years, an exotic pet license, and

So true! I'm glad I have my own castle, my own money, and extremely independent! YAY!

Quote: “Now this is a fairy tale that plants feminist seeds of equality and empowerment.” If only this fairytale was told to every little girl.

Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine), Vogue, September 2012 by Annie liebovitz

Florence Welch - Vogue by Norman Jean Roy, September Chanel dress with Dolce & Gabbana cape & boots. Clearly I'm not the only person who thinks Florence is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc.

The Little Mermaid Quote- Don't let them SILENCE you or let you become a MAN'S PROPERTY! (Sharia Law)- SPEAK UP FEMINISTS- NOW IS YOUR TIME TO BE HEARD!

The Little Mermaid Quote- So share your voice because there is always another ready to fill the silence.

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Once upon a time . a prince asked a beautiful princess Will you marry me? The princess said no. & the princess lived happily ever after