Bucky - The Ghost of me by LadyMintLeaf.deviantart.com on @deviantART » this made be tear up!!

Bucky and his service dog, Shelby (taken from Shelbyville Indiana, birthplace of Bucky in the 616 uni). Two of em chillin' in avengers tower 

''They killed the boy in And all they left was a shadow behind.'' / Bucky Barnes : The Winter Soldier

: dog daze : by BastardPrince <<< Oh my gosh, this is heart-wrenching. I can't, even...

: dog daze : by BastardPrince <-- One more nightmare scene to write. I think this is how recovered Bucky sees what he used to be when he finally understands that it wasn't his fault.

http://lunarconfidante.tumblr.com/post/85029449287/n-a-blue-box-free-shipping-here-promotion Captain America: the Winter Soldier Bucky fan art

A sketchy fanart on Captain america: Winter Soldier © Marvel Just to get rid of them ^) A Long Winter

WINTER IS COMING 2 by rnlaing

Hydra better watch out, he looks like he's about to kick some serious butt. Winter is Coming by rnlaing on deviantart.

My fave Marvel Character ... <3

“An early Valentine’s gift for Petite-Madame ♥ ” Do you want to kill me or what? Look at his lips and the hairs on his chest ♥__♥ Yes, you are right, I love hurt boys, it’s my weakness!

Please stop<<<com on you can not call that a smile now can you

Okay I know marvel movies pretty well but I don't like pay this much attention😂