Hi everyone and thanks for reading this tutorial This time I wanted a nice big Raichu. I aimed for life-size but was shocked, that Raichu is actually 80 cm high D: Somehow it felt so wrong and in t...

Raichu Sewing Tutorial by *Renegar-Kitsune on deviantART Pikachu evolves into…

How to Make a Dragonair Plush by saiyamewome

Okay I finally finished this, phew~ Hope you'll like this, I made this for anyone wanna make Christmas presents to your friends/family or whatsoever to . How to Make a Dragonair Plush

Step 1

Mew Plushie Tutorial

So this is my Plushie Tutorial within 2 days … wow I am addicted to Plushie Tutorials XD … When you are a beginner in sewing plushies, please start with my Totoro Plushie Tutorial, because this.