DIY Temporary Tattoo (great way to see if you'll like the design with the real thing)

Make a sharpie tattoo that lasts a month. We'll see if it lasts a month. Be a good idea before actually gettin a tattoo so you can see how it will look and if u still like it or not

O "PARA SEMPRE" é muito tempo, não acha? O bom é deixar as coisas fluírem e serem boas enquanto durarem...Às vezes é bom não ter ninguém, porque assim ninguém te machuca, ninguém te engana, ninguém te ilude e ninguém vai embora. Mas só as vezes.

Nice looking inked swallow on feet. Swallow back is full inked and the body is hollow with some ornaments. The swallow is symbolic of hope, fertility and renewal of life.

If i ever get a tattoo i want it there...

95 Bird Tattoos for Women and Girls Wonderful tribal bird tattoo design. 95 Bird Tattoos for Women and Girls

I don't want to grow up

Never Grow Up - Peter Pan Sign: This would be cute for a kids room or for a dorm for someone like me who can never get enough of disney!

Elephants are my fave animal & I cant wait to get an elephant tattoo!

elephant love gonna be my mother daughter tattoo with my momma :) I always thought elephants with their trunks raised meant they were fighting! Maybe I'm wrong. Still touching Anything&Everything,Body Art,Bo

beaded bracelets | Beaded Anklets by SobrietyStones Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Jewelry

Ankle bracelets are great at the beach or just hanging out at home on a barefoot blue jean night! This style in many colors by Sobriety stones!