Albino Animals

Albino Squirrel - Only 10 in every one million squirrels are born with albinism, and have a very short life expectancy because they are easily seen by both predators and prey due to their obvious lack of camouflage. Save the albino Squirrel!

#squirrel albino ~ beautiful & yet a freaky too. I do wish this squirrel a long happy life....

Albino squirrels abound in Kettering, OHIO

All of the squirrels nest within something, whether it is ground or a tree. The type of nest depends on the location, the season, environment and the type of squirrel.

Sleeping Habits of The Squirrels and Their Common Nests

This albino squirrel is busy fattening himself up for winter.

Albino animals....we have an albino aquatic frog...already had him for 7 years.....he's kinda' creepy & cool, all @ the same time!?!...

Albino animals

we have an albino aquatic frog.already had him for 7 years.he's kinda' creepy & cool, all @ the same time!

Squirrels being squirrels…

Squirrels are awesome. I miss my pet squirrel.

Albino ferret

How cute am I the albino ferret?

Albino Skunk

Albino Skunk~ Too bad it doesn't affect scent as well?

I love nature - White Squirrel.

I love nature - White Squirrel.

baby albino wallaby (Australia)

ⓕurry & ⓕeathery ⓕriends - photos of birds, pets & wild animals - albino kangaroo

28White Animals

24 Amazing White Animals

28White Animals

Albino Chipmunk

Albino Chipmunk photographed @ Noah& Ark Zoo Farm in North Somerset, United Kingdom, in June

white squirrel by source: This is actually not a true “albino” because it does not have pink/red eyes.

White (not albino! You can find them near London, Ontario. Exeter Ontario calls itself "Home of the White Squirrel.


albino momma deer and babies

Brevard, NC being infamous for there white squirrels

Yes white squirrels :) white squirrel festival Brevard, NC

Albino kangaroo with joey. Very rare.

Albino kangaroo with joey.

Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts - The Meta Picture

Funny pictures about Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts. Oh, and cool pics about Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts. Also, Visitor Who Comes Every Day For Nuts photos.