regram I finally found some time (and borrowed some to finish this I inked awhile back! sorry for the bad pic of it.

not sure what to think of this contraption...  it seems like a natural fit at a curling club but yet it seems so UN-natural...

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. bring back the office whiskey dispenser!

Conan the Barbarian (1982)(Rare Movie Poster)

Another favorite Frazetta motif, the Fighting Barbarian! Conan the Destroyer, Cover art by Frank Frazetta

Aoife - a fierce Scottish Warrior Goddess; She was called the Princess of the Isle of Shadow. She was a Celtic queen associated with Scotland.

Aoife - A warrior woman in the Ulster Cycle of Irish myth. She bore a son to Cu Chullain whom he later accidentally slew in combat.

Dawn Summers - Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Wiki

Dawn Summers

Centauress ~ Art by Jo Chen for _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_ Season The Dawn Subplot was the best thing about Buffy Season

vaporslave:    The great Jack Davis

“We’ve been beatniks for thirty years…" Illustration by Jack Davis from Playboy, June I love his detailed backgrounds.

Jack Davis

A tribute to the legendary cartoonist Jack Davis, longtime contributor to E. Comics, MAD magazine and countless posters and album covers.

Jack Davis TIME Magazine Cover Original Art (Time-Life, 1976). | LotID #142006 | Heritage Auctions

Jack Davis TIME Magazine Cover Original Art (Time-Life, Davis, as prolific as he was consistently - Available at 2017 February 23 - 25 Comics &.