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What if winter is not a place outside?

This is from the show Downton Abbey Season 3 when the new footman has had a rough day and the visiting lady's maid leans in and gives him a big ole smooch to let him know that she knows he likes her.

Besarse bajo la lluvia.

kiss me in the rain. kiss me in the snow. kiss me in the fall. kiss me in springtime. kiss me in summer. a kiss for all seasons and every day

--the little handwritten snippet at the top just brought a lump to my throat--  by brandon.norris.

His Grandparents in His Grandmother wrote " unexpected" on the photo. Ohh the power of that first kiss. by brandon.

Need a guitar playing boy

He'd seen her everyday- the blind girl sitting on the edge of the street. And today? "Hey… Mind if I sit? I have a song to play for you. I'll be the blind girl, I need someone to be the guy)

Sua jornada moldou você para seu bem maior, e foi exatamente o que precisava ser. Não pense que você perdeu tempo. Não existem atalhos para a vida. Foi necessária cada e toda situação que você encontrou para trazê-lo para o agora. E agora é o momento certo.

I loved her hugs and holding her in my arms, feeling like a shield for her from all the bad things in the world. As her warm arms wrapped around me, I knew that she was perfect in every way.


I love you more today then yesterday. Stacy, this very well could be us in our old age.that's only assuming that you will eventually stop worrying about hurting my legs when WE sit like this. -I Love You!

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INSPIRATION The hipster subculture is channeled in our Authentic California Authentic California Bayside Moccasins which embraces the free-thinking and interdependent values of the beatniks.

Tilda Swinton is photographed by Tim Walker and styled by Jacob K in "The Surreal World" for the December 2014 issue of W magazine, Rothko Chapel, Houston

The Art and Fashion of Lynn Wyatt’s Auction - Lynn Wyatt in the Dan Flavin installation at the Menil Collection in - The New York Times