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14 Relationship Gems That’ll Make You Snort with Laughter

14 Relationship Gems That’ll Make You Snort with Laughter


The best of Frienemies (honestly sounds like the Master and the Doctor)<<<< Nimona is a good example of this

The house was never silent. Anna's feet ran to and fro, Lisbeth's laughter echoed down the halls, and Georgia's soft, crooning voice soothed those who made their home there. But for the home to be completely silent was a terrible sign, and she knew something was horribly, devastatingly wrong.

When the silence woke her, she didn't know what happened. There was always something loud going on. The never ending sound became her lullaby. Sound at night Always put her to sleep.

Bad situation

If we're ever in a situation where I am the "voice of reason" then we are in a very bad situation. Funny Pictures Of The Day - 45 Pics

It is bloody, damaging, and never worth it. War kills innocent children, war tortures war heroes with mind games till they die. War is a monster, and war isn't fun.

"Don't make war sound like an exciting and thrilling game. I've been in actual war and it is very far from exciting.