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C.A. Swanson & Sons, 1956

''Swanson TV Dinner'' original Vintage Advert: Fried Chicken Dinner One Drumstick or Thigh, Portion of Breast and Wing Mashed Potatoes Mixed Veggies: Peas, Corn and Carrots 1956

Tupperware Ad, 1960

Vintage Tupperware Ad I remember mama had a party in the and the lady brought some whipped cream in a container a week before the party to show how good it was at the party.

Banquet mexican dinner. 1964

Vintage TV Dinner Ads For National Frozen Food Day

Today is National Frozen Food Day. Since I have no idea what that means either, here's some vintage ads for TV dinners with as much mystery to the meat as to today's holiday.

A pretty ad. So many goodies!

Nestle's Quik Holiday ad image from sugarpie honeybunch's photostream

1960s Swanson TV Dinner Ad Turkey & Gravy Mashed by AdVintageCom

1961 SWANSON TV DINNER vintage magazine advertisement "tender turkey" ~ Trust Swanson for tender turkey carved only from breasts and thighs - If you like turkey -- big, tempting slices of it -- you'll want to try this Swanson TV Brand Turkey Dinner.

5 cents?

5 cents?

September 10 is...TV DINNER DAY | The History of TV Dinners is quite complex. Some may credit Clarence Birdseye with inventing frozen meals. He developed a system of packing and flash-freezing fresh food back in 1923. Albert and Meyer Bernstein co-founded Frozen Dinners, Inc. and were selling frozen dinners on compartmentalized aluminum trays in the Pittsburgh area in 1949. TV dinners weren't officially created 'til the 50s under that name. It was Swanson's massive 1954 advertising campaign…

TV Dinner Day Man, oh man, we thought we were getting something special when we got one of these on a Friday night! My favorite was Veal Parmesan. Also, the Chow Mein one with rice and egg rolls was the first Chinese food I ever ate!

vintage housewife

Velon Film by Firestone was the Gortex flim of its day. New materials are constently being invented and new recycling methods need to be found for them.

Gumby and Friends Complete Set 1956

Gumby and Friends Collectible Set NJ Croce

Gumby and Pokey Set 1956 : Gumbitty Mini : The Original Posable Rubber Toy