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French Aeronavale Marine Nationale (Navy air arm) Dassault Super Etendard. (Circa 1979?)

French Aeronavale Marine Nationale (Navy air arm) Dassault Super Etendard. (Circa 1979?)

Me 110 straffing on the Russian front

by Alex Hamilton Their Mission Completed, Two Messerschmitt Bf of 5 Staffel, Turn for Home Base

USAAF B-25 sinks a Japanese frigate off the coast of Xiamen, China, April 6, 1945. B-25 Mitchell, nicknamed “Ruthless Ruth”, pulls up after making a skip-bombing run on Japanese coastal defense vessel No. 134. The plane was flown by USAAF Lieutenant Louie A. Mikell of the 499th Bomb Squadron (“Bats Outa Hell”), part of 5th Air Force.

USAAF sinks Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze off the coast of Xiamen, China, 6 April 1945

F 117 Nigh Hawk nest.

Stealth fighter aircraft from the Tactical Fighter Wing, Tonopah Test Range, Nev., line the runway after arriving for an overnight stay while deploying to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. (photo by Lietmotiv)

Luftwaffe C-160 Transall

Low-level flight over South Germany - Photo taken at In Flight in Germany in

Stuka Tank-Buster

Stuka Tank-Buster - Kind of looks like a model with some photo editing, but they did have these so it could be the real thing.

Blohm und Voss Bv 138

German Luftwaffe Blohm und Voss Bv 138 floatbomber near the Azores in patrol assisting hochseeflotee stationed there, 02 March 1944

Royalty Free Pictures of World War II Plane Art

We've gathered 60 the best examples of nose art. Check out these lovely ladies painted on the nose of World War II fighter planes.

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“A small British company with a dream of building a re-usable space plane has won an important endorsement from the European Space Agency (ESA) after completing key tests on its novel engine technology. Reaction Engines Ltd believes its Sabre engi.

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Iluyshin II-2 , se fabricaron 36000 , llamado Shturmovik (avión de ataque). 4 rusos obtuvieron la medalla Héroe de la Unión Soviética

Soviet - Ilyushin “Sturmovik” (Flying Tank) Finishedin 2011 after a Year Restoration - Owned by Paul Allen’s/, Flying Heritage Collection, Paine Field, Everett Washington - Powered by an Allison Engine Rather than the rare Original Mikulin Engine.