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Figurative Language - GREAT video!!  I prepared a worksheet for my students.  They copied down parts in the lyrics that were similes or metaphors, identified each according to what it was and then wrote what the artist was comparing...the true meaning behind the words.  My students sat on the edges of their seats waiting for each song!  It was a very engaging way to teach these literary devices!

Similes and Metaphors in Pop Music Movie.wmv - Really fun video to teach kids Similes and Metaphors.Learned at a workshop today

Life in Fifth Grade ~ Absolutely great fifth grade classroom to follow!  Exactly what I was looking for: anchor charts, bulletin boards, organization, and fun ideas!  LOVE!

Figurative Language is one of my favorite things to teach! There are so many fun ways to teach this skill and the kids always seem to enjoy .

Figurative Language Mystery Picture Thanksgiving Theme | TpT

Figurative Language Mystery Picture Thanksgiving Theme

Igor Morski is a Polish graphic artist, illustrator and scenographer. He takes a figurative, photoreal approach and then creates fantastical  surrealistic scenes. He works mainly on friends photo...

Surreal Illustrations By Igor Morski

25 Stunning Surreal Illustrations and Photo Manipulation by IgorMorski

Does seem true that this kind of drawing is all the rage right now, figures captured in motion. Probably a result of living in a culture with photographic technology. After talking recently with a sculptor friend with family roots in shipbuilding, however, I'm more interested in exploring the figure in more staid poses, maybe even more staid than classical Greek poses. They are still natural poses.

Leah Yerpe

Floating, Falling, and Twisting Leah Yerpe creates charcoal and graphite drawings of human bodies multiplied to form abstract shapes and compositions. Often scaled to life-size, these figures are.