Feng Zhu Design: More Student Work via PinCG.com

Feng Zhu Design I love this student's work for its sketchy art style. It looks like it's out of a graphic novel.

old building sketch, line drawing, black and white, stone and brick building

Some fun designs from our term 2 students. For more, please visit FZDSCHOOL.COM And some cool characte.


Sketch designs for two groups of buildings in "The Clove" town center, all original designs with various influences. Drawn in and pencil in scale . Storefronts and Shops for The Clove Town Center

pen cityscape/ practice varying the line widths

Drawing, Ink Illustration (street visual) by Azuma Kiyohiko Japan).

Tagged "klk starter book" | Worshiping Satsuki's eyebrows

Tagged "klk starter book" | Worshiping Satsuki's eyebrows

Examples of half-timbered medieval housing in Lisieux, France. Architectural…

A plate from Samuel Chamberlain's book "Domestic Architecture in Rural France" published in This plate shouws examples of Half timbered buildings in Lisieux

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The Catcher in the straw hat person pictures - Micro Gallery @ monkey fifty-nine collected all kinds of line art Figure) _ petal illustration / comic

Nrarative illustration for a personal project -  Matt Rockefeller

Matt Rockefeller ****If you're looking for more Sci Fi, Look out for Nathan Walsh's Dark Science Fiction Novel