Cymbol bubble snail by Okinawa Nature Photography. so does this classify as a nudibranch?

“The Cymbal Bubble snail is found in Hawaii & Christmas Island.

Sea snail - zeenaaktslak - nudibranche

The Featured Creature: Showcasing Unique and Unusual Wildlife - Bubble Snail

Underwater Photographer Marco Waagmeester's Gallery: Nudibranchs: Snakey Bornella -

This is a Seawater snail.It does not have a shell but swims in the water.They eat tiny bugs on the floor.

˚Nudibranch Costasiella kuroshimae -  Dumaguete, Philippines

Costasiella usagi are sea slugs that live near Okinawa, Singapore, and the Philippines, eating a diet of green algae.

Empire Shrimp - crevette colorée

Empire Shrimp are beautiful creatures, especially when you have a 360 degree view of its habitat via a Bio Bubble!

Fifty-Two Beautiful Ocean Animals That You Can See when You Scuba Dive

Painted Elysia nudibranch found on line attached to a fish trap.

РИФТИЯ (Riftia pachyptila)

Tubeworm - Mljet island, Croatia, Adriatic sea~ amazing animal that looks like a flower !

Nudibranch - a flashback to my Invertebrate Zoology class!

Nudibranch It looks like it is on fire or aflame!