Photogenic Lingerie : Diorランジェリーのvintageイラスト

Fashion Drawings - René Gruau 1909 - 2004 Gruau's fluid line, bold use of colour, composition and psychology make his work stand out. He is undoubtedly the best fashion artist of the mid century; he was without peers

Rodier (Textile) ad illustrated by René Gruau, 1950

René Gruau February 1909 – 31 March was a renowned fashion illustrator whose exaggerated portrayal of fashion design through painting has had a lasting effect on the fashion industry .

René Gruau. 'COVER DESIGN INT. TEXTILES, 1950'. Brush drawing in ink and gouache. 50 cm x 36 cm.  -Galerie Bartsch & Chariau, München-

week Design by René Gruau, International Textiles, Brush drawing in ink And gouache,Subtle block colour utilised to create impression.