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Northern light above the Lofoten, Norway, the only clear day during our 14 days trip in northern Norway - and it was my birthday ! Nice greetings from Tyrol Norbert

The Tunnel of Wisteria in Kawachi, Japan

Tunnel of wisteria blossoms, Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Fukuoka, Japan. Japan in the spring.wonder if these bloom at the same time the cherry blossoms do?

"Creature"  Shot last night in Tromsø, northern Norway.  If you like it please V & F :)  After days of strong activity on the sun without subsequent auroras in the sky, we finally got our reward for being patient :)  And what a reward!! On October 30th a CME hit us, and with clear skies it was hard to decide where to shoot. We had multicolored auroras all over the sky for large parts of the night!  My heart was beating fast as I did not want to miss this one, and I was panicing and looking…

"CREATURE" On October a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) hit Earth, displaying multi-colored auroras across the sky for most of the night in Kattfjordeidet, Tromsø, Norway.

Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights over Australia

Aurora Australis - Southern Lights going to see northern lights this year, but want to see these