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Psychedelic Artworks by Quentin Deronzier

Amsterdam-based art director Quentin Deronzier draws inspiration from the visual aesthetic to create this spellbinding series of digital artworks. More digital illustrations via Behance

In God We Trust NYC | cordisre: Keith Sonnier

“ Verbindung RotBlauGelb, 2002 Coloured neon lights Length, 143 m Keith Sonnier gained international renown with his light sculptures and installations. From solitary light sculptures, his work.

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© andoni beristain - Fashion and still life photographer, art director and graphic designer from Barcelona.

Softness: An artistic exploration of sponges and other cleaning products | Creative Boom

Pablo Alfieri is an art director based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which we presented for his series Playful.

Рома Дернов

Рома Дернов

University of Utah Football by Kevin Winzeler

With their entrance into the conference, the University of Utah revamped their Football facilities including a world class, square-foot Football center. Struck agency approached us to shoot the iconic imagery for the space with the direction…