Festive headdress from Turkish Balkan emigrants living in Trakya/Thrace. ähnliche tolle Projekte und Ideen wie im Bild vorgestellt findest du auch in unserem Magazin

Traditional Dress of Bulgaria

Beautiful balinese girl

Bali - Bali girl with her "sajeng" temple offering, Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat

60 Most Beautiful and Amazing Eyes Photography

Portrait of a Nepali child with amazing eyes in the hills of East Nepal Himalaya stock photo- This girl is absolutely beautiful

Nepalese woman

Culture Photography - Nepalese girl dressed in traditional costume

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart ♥ ~Khalil Gibran Our joy!

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Women of the African Ark - Rashaida woman dancing, Eritrea. Photography by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Rendille girl with pendants on her beaded headdress - Keny… | Flickr

Rendille girl with pendants on her beaded headdress - Kenya. photo by Eric Lafforgue

Beauty and Bananas (293x440, 121Kb)

Carrying bananas to the market. When these green bananas ripen in a few days they will be yellow

Fulani girl from Nigeria

Wodaabe Women During the Gerewol Festivities (Nigerian African, Niger, Africa) -©Timothy Allen