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you know your a volleyball player when. seriously the smell could kill innocent kittens. Same could be said for roller derby pads.

Players don't care about being hurt, they care about missing matches.

Okay I don't like this because that doesn't just apply to volleyball players i am a soccer player and when I got injured last year I thought the same thing so

Volleyball thing #76 we've all done this before ;)

For a while almost half of my volleyball team was injured. It always makes us upset just because we can not get in the game. If you are dedicated to it, just the thought of an injury scares you because you know it will keep you from getting on the court.

Love (Volleyball)

Love (Volleyball)

Love                                                       …

Volleyball quotes - You know the opposing team is bad when their first server whips out an underhand serve. Read more quotes and sayings about Volleyball.