"Yes," she said with a tinge of longing and regret, resounding in her voice. (How else am I supposed to describe the emotion put into that 'yes'?)

(gif set) "My problem isn't that my favorite characters aren't real;" [I could cry I relate to this so much.] Though I don't watch Supernatural, the quote is too strong to ignore because of the background.

Supernatural Charm Bracelet Dean SAM Jensen Ackles Castiel Deans Amulet | eBay


Made with a service member's uniform button A 2016 Jacksonville Con Supernatural themed Bracelet

Sam dean de SUPERNATURAL pulsera amuleto de por twilightwonderlandx

Supernatural themed Destiel Bracelet - Castiel & Dean Winchester Charm Bracelet - w/ Dean's Amulet, the Impala, Great gift!

Supernatural Inspired Charm Bracelet

Supernatural Inspired Charm Bracelet

Join Sam and Dean on their hunting adventures with this Supernatural TV Show inspired charm bracelet from Inked Goddess Creations.

PRODUCT DETAILS Product Name: Fashion Necklace Condition: Brand New Color: see…

Supernatural Silver Tibetan Necklace (Free Shipping)

Unique Creations — Supernatural Inspired Funky Bracelet >>I like the purple one better

Supernatural Inspired Funky Bracelet

Oh Dean I want to go monster hunting with you. If you love the TV show Supernatural you will love this bracelet. NEW design and color, same great show. And yes the salt is blessed, because details mat

I laughed SO hard!

Castiel and Dean ~ Supernatural Fan Art Lmao! omg i laughed to hard at this,I can so see Cas saying that

Here is a good way of learning  Enochian. Not mine. Mine is in my My Life or SuperWhoLock board.

Now I can finally graffiti walls with the correct spelling of "You breed with the mouth of a goat"! Knowing how to write in Enochian = Life complete

supernatural, booty

Reminded me of you

Yup the noise I made when viewing this wasn't natural either and now my cousins are looking at me weirdly<<<<my family's doing the same thing omfg

Supernatural 11 Seasons by KamiDiox.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

This helps me remember what happened, since I mostly watched the reruns. Supernatural 11 Seasons by KamiDiox on DeviantArt.

This is the best thing ever and also the most emotional thing ever because all the feels

Dean singing "Do you wanna kill a monster?" Supernatural - Frozen "Do you wanna build a snowman?

Supernatural Hunters' Locket by SplatterPalette.

Every Supernatural Hunter needs this pocket watch style locket clip! The items are glued down and the locket is securely sealed. Mini Hunters' book is hand crafted from polymer clay.

You know that Supernatural changed your life when...I have done a lot of these or wanted to! I am very guilty of feeling like my music or food choices would disappoint Dean!

One hot meme

You know that Supernatural changed your life when.I have done a lot of these or wanted to! I am very guilty of feeling like my music or food choices would disappoint Dean! But seriously, I still really love "Carry on my wayward son"